Taylor Welsh

Vice President

Taylor Welsh is a Vice President at Wavecrest Growth Partners and joined the firm in September 2021. Prior to Wavecrest, Taylor worked at Golden Gate Capital, where she was responsible for leading the execution of debt and equity related transactions across the private equity portfolio. Prior to Golden Gate Capital, she was an investment banker at Citizens Financial Group.

Taylor received her B.S. in Business Administration from Babson College.

Taylor in 3

If you weren’t an investor, what would you be passionate about doing with your time?

Traveling the world and exploring new places.

What’s a hidden talent or skill you have that people wouldn’t guess about you OR growing up, what’s something you excelled at?

At my grade school, we did “circus arts” in lieu of a traditional PE class, so I became an expert at unicycling.

What is your “go-to” comfort food?

Dim sum! I don’t speak much Cantonese, but 95% of the Cantonese words that I know are dim sum dishes (the other 5% are the pre-recording on the MTR that translate to “please stand back from the doors” after hearing it approximately 1000 times on my subway commute while living in Hong Kong).

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