Blaine Stahl

Vice President, Growth Operations

Blaine is Vice President, Growth Operations at Wavecrest Growth Partners and joined the firm in January 2024. Blaine has spent his entire career working with institutionally-backed software businesses, most recently as the Vice President of Operations at Periscope Equity, a Chicago based lower-middle market Private Equity firm. Prior to that, Blaine spent 3 years with entities affiliated with Vista Equity Partners, first at Vista Consulting Group where he worked across Vista’s portfolio to drive operational improvements. Blaine then had the opportunity to join Fusion Risk Management (a Vista Portfolio Company) as Chief of Staff to the CEO before serving as an interim leader in their product organization. Blaine began his career at Stax Inc. where he worked with some of the world’s leading private equity firms.

Blaine received a B.B.A. in Finance from the University of Notre Dame.

Blaine in 3

If you could spend a month in any city, where would you go?

Tokyo, Japan. I’ve had the good fortune of having visited twice and each time I feel like I am stepping into an alternate reality. The culture, the food, and the technology are all world-class and all so different from the United States.

What’s a hidden talent or skill you have that people wouldn’t guess about you OR growing up, what’s something you excelled at?

Despite not having the best build for it, I’ve always been a skilled gymnast. I was captain of my diving team in high-school and was somersaulting before I was walking. While I am not as good as I once was, I can still pull off a few tricks on the diving board!

What is your “go-to” comfort food?

Cajun food. I grew up traveling to Mamou, Louisiana where my mom is originally from and where my Grandpa still lives. There is nothing better than a bowl of seafood gumbo with pickled okra!