Where we invest

We partner with companies with the following characteristics

$5-25 million

Bookings or Revenue


Annual Growth


Prudent operating philosophy

Sound Business Model

Compelling customer economics


Pioneering the next set of great tech markets

Ready to Accelerate

Founders & CEOs bullish on their companies

Our Singular Focus: Great B2B Technology Companies

Wavecrest invests only in high-growth, capital-efficient B2B software and technology-enabled services companies.  We partner with companies once they have an established product/service and business model and are ready to focus on the next phase of growth.  We back entrepreneurs that are both customer and employee obsessed and invest in both horizontal and vertical markets across North America and Europe.  We believe that having a single sector-focus helps us to be more knowledgeable and helpful partners for our portfolio companies.

Our Approach: Collaborative Business Builders

We believe in partnership.  We work together with our entrepreneurs to build their businesses and to identify and maximize their market opportunities.  We help them to accelerate growth, to make strategic operating changes, and to become more scalable companies.  We aren’t focused on cost cutting or slamming companies together.  And we are also not unicorn hunters.  Rather, we believe in building great, sustainable B2B technology businesses.

Our Qualifications: Decades of Relevant Experience

Our founders have over 30 years of collective experience investing in over 25 B2B technology companies during the last 15 years while at leading growth equity firms including Bain Capital Ventures and Vista Equity Partners. In addition, unlike many other firms, we have significant, practical operating experience in C-level roles at high-growth B2B technology companies.  We have been on the other side of the table.  We bring this unique combination of investing and operating experience to the benefit of our portfolio companies.

Our Differentiation: Real-Life Operating Expertise

The journey from $5-20M in revenues to $50-100M in revenues involves growing pains and risks.  We seek to bring our direct operating experience and our knowledge from seeing the journeys of 25+ prior companies to help our entrepreneurs to navigate the waters ahead.   Wavecrest brings a set of best practices and benchmarks to help its portfolio companies to ramp up sales and marketing, grow their teams, and seek new markets. In addition, we provide access to an unmatched network of relevant, C-level B2B technology industry leaders – our Wavecrest Operating Advisors.  Together, our resources help entrepreneurs to achieve new heights and maximize business performance.