Our Approach

Wavecrest’s mission is to enable B2B tech entrepreneurs to reach new heights.  As entrepreneurs ourselves and having worked with 25+ growth companies in their journeys, we bring an experienced and practical approach to helping companies navigate the waters ahead and get to scale.  The following are the key elements of our partnerships:

Expertise in Scaling Go-To-Market Strategy

You have great products and happy customers and have built your way to $5-20M in revenues. You are motivated to scale your business to multiples of your current size. The journey to $50M+ in revenues involves growing pains and risks, particularly in sales and marketing. Wavecrest acts as your experienced strategic partner for investing in the team, processes and systems to help you grow sales, all while reducing your risks to success. Our experience working with 25+ similar B2B software and technology companies and our network of relationships help you navigate the waters while you drive your business.

Practical Tools and Relationships to Build Your Business

You don’t need a boss. You want a collaborative partner who can help you optimize and refine your business and open doors based on real-world knowledge and prior experience. Unlike other firms, our investment team brings significant, practical operating experience from high-growth B2B technology companies. We have been on the other side of the table. We have developed a proven set of Wavecrest Growth Levers and benchmarks working alongside entrepreneurs over the last 15+ years, and have enlisted a stellar set of Wavecrest Operating Advisors to help you unlock your business potential.

Flexible and Non-Dogmatic Investment Philosophy

One size doesn’t fit all. We don’t have one formula for growth or one approach to investment. We work with entrepreneurs to find the right investment areas and solutions for them and their business. We are aligned on the singular goal of helping you maximize value and success.

Culture-Centric Partnership

People and culture are paramount to us. We are team players who check our egos at the door. We work hard to help our entrepreneurs where we can and get out of the way where we cannot. We have a ton of fun in the process. The journey can be both successful and enjoyable.